Why Digital Marketing?
The desire to go into digital marketing came from general interests and passions I have that the industry involves such as blogging, the use of social media and creative writing. Working in various customer facing roles previously means I love being able to meet new people and having to understand their needs while building strong working relationships with them.

An apprenticeship came about when I was looking at ways to get into digital marketing. A lot of jobs required relevant qualifications or experience that I sadly did not have. An apprenticeship, for me, was the perfect way to be able to work towards those qualifications while gaining real work experience at the same time.

What have I been up to?
I’m currently in my 4th week and have nearly completed my first month of the apprenticeship and wow, what a time it’s been! My first week shaped up to be a busy one straight away what with a client meeting on the first day, The Menta Trade Fair on the Tuesday and the 4N Networking Breakfast Event on the Wednesday.

The Menta Trade Fair was a great opportunity for me to meet some new faces and find out more about their businesses. We also sat in for the Google Digital Garage Seminar they held on Google Analytics which is something I’m so glad we did. It was great to see it through a beginners guide with important tips, run-throughs and demonstrations.

The 4N Networking Event was my first real shot at public speaking, having my 40 seconds to stand up amongst many business owners to introduce myself and to say why I was there. The nerves were all worth it for the yummy Full English Breakfast I was able to have while I was there – trust me! We then had the chance to swap business cards and speak to 3 other members at the event followed by a very motivational 4Sight from a lady called Tania Brint, from Appetite for Success.

Since then the rest of the weeks have consisted of other new and existing client meetings, The Entrepreneurs Network Member Strategy Day, a Golf Networking Event held at Haverhill Golf Club and a workshop afternoon at HMP Highpoint Prison.

The Member Strategy Day by The Entrepreneurs Network was held at Marsh Farm in Essex. To this date I think this has been one of my favourite days yet. It consisted of a fantastic talk from James Sinclair in the morning and then one by Mark Creaser and the team in the afternoon. Both talks were very informative and highly inspirational and I’m really thankful it was a day I was able to attend.

Marsh Farm is a country farm park attraction in Essex and is one of James Sinclair’s most successful businesses. James showed us around, which being a huge animal lover was very exciting.   Beyond the animals James explained the investment that had been made in the park, what work had been done and the creative seasonal ideas they have to draw in business. The tour showed the ideas that James talks about from the stage in practice and how his words aren’t just words because when implemented correctly they can really work. Not only did I really enjoy the day, I enjoy James’ emails and have just finished reading the Entrepreneur’s Network exclusive monthly edition of ENGAGE, which I absolutely loved.

The Golf Networking Event held at Haverhill Golf Club for Suffolk Business Women was another one of my favourite days so far. We arrived in the morning with around 12 other ladies to try our hands at golf. Our coaches for the morning were Ollie Rush the Golf Pro at Haverhill Golf Club and Alastair Spink from Love.Golf.

The first part of the session involved going onto the driving range and seeing if we could even hit the ball first, or hit it straight for that matter.

The second part involved putting practice which was lots of fun and prepared us for actually going out onto the course and trying some holes. We split into two different groups and went off with an instructor each. Our instructor was Ollie.  He split us into a further 2 groups of 3 people and then said away you go. My group was myself, Elaine and Jenni Donno from 1 Accounts and I was first up. We got through 3 holes before returning and ending the morning in the best way possible, with coffee and cake.

The workshop afternoon at HMP Highpoint Prison was something I was really looking forward to. It’s not every day you get to go into a place like that and to be honest you should probably try to avoid it! However, for us it was different as Elaine and I were going in one afternoon to deliver a marketing presentation to the people on the Business Studies course. We had a bit of trouble getting in initially and ended up running a bit late but I guess it was reassuring to know their security was well in place

After finally getting inside the prison and entering the classroom we had a nice group of about 9 men. The point of the presentation was to give the students an insight into marketing and what activities would be most beneficial for a small business.

The good twist on it was that each man had a business idea they would like to start up or go into once they leave Highpoint so we could personalise the presentation to make it more valuable to them. The ideas ranged from a multi-cuisine takeaway to an e-commerce business trading to Nigeria. It was extremely interesting to hear their ideas, their previous business experience and to see how passionate some of them were about the idea of succeeding. The most rewarding part was seeing people with a genuine interest in our talk and how our presentation really did benefit them.

All of this has happened in the space of just 4 weeks. I’ve learnt a lot already, experienced things I would never have had the opportunity to otherwise, met a bunch of lovely people and been inspired throughout. So if this is just the start then I can’t wait to see what the rest of the apprenticeship may hold.

Yasmin our Digital Marketing Apprentice

Meet Yasmin - Our New Digital Marketing Apprentice

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Both Elaine and I thought it was time for you to find out more about the face that’ll be behind various blog and social media posts as well as attending various events.

So I guess I should introduce myself – My name is Yasmin, I’m 20 years old and I’m the new Digital Marketing Apprentice here at Flip Flop Marketing.


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