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Inspiration - definition

“The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do some‍‍‍thing creative”

“A sudden brilliant or timely idea”

ØShrove Tuesday


ØWinter Olympics, South Korea

ØPremiere of Fifty Shades Freed

ØHalf Term

ØOrchids Festival at Kew Gardens

ØRandom Acts of Kindness Day

ØThe Brit Awards

ØLondon Fashion Week

ØChinese New Year

Inspiration – is it a problem for you?

When Yasmin and I are working with clients or talking to business owners at networking events the issue of content creation appears to be a common thread and a particularly challenging one.  People tell us that they struggle to know where to start when it comes to ideas for social media posts, blogs, newsletter content or interesting marketing campaigns.  

I think because we are in the business of content creation this is something that we find quite alien.  For us the inspiration for a blog or a Facebook post can be found everywhere. Nature, people, music, films, books, art, travel, architecture, animals, relationships, colours.  From the everyday to the extraordinary – our eyes are open to the wonders around us.  

Inspiration – take the challenge

In this season of change, as we slowly move from the dark nights of winter to the enchantment of the spring and new beginnings, we invite you to take our challenge and to unblock your creativity.

Here are 3 events that will be taking place during February that could provide a source of inspiration for your marketing content.


NatWest Six Nations Rugby Championships kicked off last weekend with an inspiring performance from Wales against Scotland on Saturday and England trouncing Italy on Sunday.  The competition concludes on Super Saturday – March 17th.  Will England take the trophy home for the third consecutive year?

What could you talk about?

There are so many aspects to a high profile championship like the Six Nations.  You can talk about teamwork; the need for training and practice to become the best at something; winners and losers (is anyone who plays for their country really a loser?); the economic impact of major sporting events; how the publicity around the game and the players is managed.  If you are a restaurant you could have a special menu related to the countries playing that day or develop special cocktails for the championship which you can then blog about or put on social media.

Event Marketing:

Valentine’s Day on 14th February always sees an influx of emails into our inbox.  Most of them will have dull or crass subject lines but there will be some clever wordplay in there as well.  If you are a florist, jeweller, restaurant or hotel then it is near impossible not to be pulled into the madness of the love season.  It is prime time for you and you need to be noticed.

How could you stand out?

Look for a different angle.  Does your product or service lend itself to a humorous approach? Can you use direct mail or leaflets to get your message across rather than email?  Can you create a video?  Think about Tesco’s successful Food Love Stories campaign and how effective that has been in connecting with people.


During February the day length increases by 1 hour and 40 minutes in London and 1 hour and 58 minutes in Glasgow. Whilst February can be one of the coldest months there is no doubt that nearly two hours of extra daylight has a huge impact on the way we feel.

How to shine the light on your product/service

You may be thinking that this one is a bit tenuous but if your business is anything to do with sports or outdoor activities then it provides a perfect topic for extolling the virtues of your offer.  If are in the consultancy sector you could write a Facebook post about the increase in daylight hours and how your service can help business owners to “see the light”.  You can talk about the “dark side” for issues that hold individuals or businesses back.

Inspiration – “quickies”

Here are some other events that are taking place during February, all of which can be commented upon in your social media or used as the topic for a blog or marketing campaign:-

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We hope you take the challenge and find some inspiration to fuel your marketing this month.  If you get stuck give us a shout by calling us on 01440 710 158.