Mad for Marketing

When it comes to Valentine’s Day what is your “g‍‍‍o to” gift?  Some people spend their money on flowers, chocolates or a meal at a restaurant, whereas others prefer to simply spend some quality time with their loved one. Their focus is on being together regardless of the activity they have planned.

£1.6 billion was spent in the UK alone on Valentine’s Day in 2016!  That is a staggering amount when you think about it.  But do you know what doesn’t have to cost you that much this Valentine’s Day? Your marketing budget.

Show your business some love

Do you find that you are often so snowed under with work and putting your customers first that you end up neglecting your own business needs and just don’t find the time to market your product/service?  If this happens to you why not adopt a new approach? Start to treat your business like a client.

Dedicate time each month, or week, to focus on marketing your own business and to plan.

Think about the type of marketing you want to do each month – maybe a blog, a newsletter, some social media posts or an email campaign.  Once you have decided on the activities schedule a date and time to action them.

You could even go a step further and create a content plan to ensure that you have thought about what you want to write about and when. This level of planning will make a real difference to your marketing.  You won’t be staring at a blank screen wondering what to write about.

When you open your eyes to the world around you, you can find inspiration everywhere. By changing your mind set and becoming more aware of your surroundings not only do you appreciate things more, you will also find yourself saying “this would be great for a blog post/social media/newsletter” rather than “I have no idea what to write about”.  Take a look at our recent Inspiration Blog Post for some ideas to get you started.  

Why are we mad for marketing?

We always say to people marketing is much more than just a job for us. We have a genuine love for what we do and all things marketing.  One of the reasons we find marketing so interesting is because it brings together several different elements: –

Research – we love embarking on that voyage of discovery to learn something new. It is always interesting to scratch below the surface of a topic before starting to write about it.  We are fortunate to live in a world where we have instant access to information.  Whatever you want to know – it’s at your fingertips.  Research is one of our favourite tasks.

Psychology – an understanding of customers and their behaviour underpins all effective marketing.  It requires some real thought to identify what makes people buy, to grasp the concept of perceived value, to appreciate the complex issue of pricing or how the use of language and colours can impact the purchase decision. The psychology of marketing is totally fascinating.

Creativity – the tip of the iceberg but perhaps for many the most “sexy” part of marketing.  Creativity can be applied to the way you present your content. Whether that content is visual, spoken or written to needs to resonate with your  audience and help your company, product and/or service to stand out in a crowded market.  

Analytical – we are a little geeky so we do enjoy analysing data. From tracking the performance of email campaigns, Google Analytics and social media platforms to drilling down into customer databases you cannot beat a bit of number crunching!   Detailed analysis helps you to make more informed decisions.

It’s personal

One of the biggest reasons why we love what we do so much is the relationships that we build with  our clients.  We have worked with some clients for many years.  These long term working relationships leave us feeling that, although we are external, we really are part of their team. The relationships have been built on trust, so they have strong foundations.

We have been lucky to be involved in some fantastic projects and campaigns.  Seeing an idea become a reality and return a success outcome gives us real satisfaction.

We have also seen many businesses grow and have had the pleasure of working with people who progressed and developed within themselves and their job roles.

Of course there have been some challenges along the way but we view these as less of an obstruction and more of an obstacle to overcome. All it takes is a bit of investigation and problem solving!

It is incredibly rewarding when people see the importance of marketing, the difference it can make to their business and then they begin to share our enthusiasm for this “marketing malarkey”.  Then we have done our job!  

This year our Valentine’s Day will be very special – it is full of client meetings, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If we have given you enough reasons to want to show your business some love but you are unsure where to start or really do not have the time we can help. We offer a range of strategic and outsourced marketing services to help you making a lasting impression all year round. To find out more call us today on 01440 710158.

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