‍‍‍Missed the Mark? It's N‍‍‍ever Too Late

Human Nature
‍‍‍As humans, we all have a psychological hold on starting something at the beginning of a time period – the beginning of a week, the beginning of a month or the beginning of a year. We don’t hear of many diets starting on a Thursday now do we? (Unless it’s New Year’s Day‍‍‍!)

Over the last month we have all been exposed to an influx of “New Year, New You” posts online and an inordinate amount of advice on planning and keeping on track.

But let’s be honest, with 2017 having flown past, we’re sure that not everyone was able to get their ducks in a row in time for the start of January.

How many people in the past have given in on their diet, not kept up a resolution or failed to reach a goal?

‍‍‍And what happens when something we have tasked ourse‍‍‍lves ‍‍‍to do doesn’t go quite to plan? We either tend to give up completely or say “I’ll start again next week”. In reality, how much time have we wasted waiting for next week, next month or next whatever in order to start something? Why not now?

Failure doesn’t have to discourage you from starting again or picking up where you left off. It should be viewed as a learning curve and drive you to succeed even further.

We understand that in life, and in business, not everything always goes to plan. As much as you may have liked to have a strategy for your marketing in place in time for New Year that may not have happened. If that is the case you don’t have to be left feeling like you have missed the mark – each day is a new beginning and it is never too late.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today”

So where should you start? We agree that you can’t just jump into something without putting a plan in place and there are some vital things to consider when it comes to marketing. However, a starting point can be established now by looking at market, message and media.

Market – who are you targeting? These are the people you want to be speaking to and are the people who will be likely to need or want your product or service.

Message – your message is what you will be saying to your target market in order to connect with them.

Media – how you will you be reaching your audience to communicate your message to them?

These are three fundamental requirements to begin marketing. Get them wrong and you could end up wasting a lot of time (and money!) on marketing that is generally ineffective.‍‍‍

The principles of marketing tend to stay the same across all industry sectors and we have written a blog‍‍‍ in more detail to help you grasp this approach.

Quality over quantity… while remaining consistent
Quality over quantity rings true in the world of marketing. You need your marketing to remain consistent of course, however, poor quality marketing could be damage your reputation.

Putting out poor quality marketing could lead people to perceive that your product or service is also poor, steering them away from making a purchase.

The quality of your marketing can come down to simple things such as content being well presented, the use of high quality images and ensuring that your grammar and spelling is up to scratch.

What can you do now?

So, with a bit of background about how to get started, where can you go from here? These are our recommended steps –

· Establish your market, message and media

Identify who your target audience is, what message you need to be communicating and how you will be reaching them. This includes considering what media is most effective for your business specifically as well as various industry related media. The social media platforms you choose will be determined by where your audience is most likely to be found.

· Consider consistency

Now decide what you will be doing and how often. This could include sending out an email campaign or writing a blog monthly, sending out a quarterly newsletter or posting on social media 2-3 times a week.

· Schedule your time

Treat your business like a client or customer and schedule in enough time to take care of your own business needs. If you know how consistent you would like to be, next you will need to set aside time dedicated towards your marketing.

· Content plan

Another recommendation is to create a content plan. It’s one thing to say you would like to post on social media x times a week or write one blog a month but you will need to decide what your overall objective is with any content that you post and then what your posts will be about. We do encourage fresh/live content. However planning content can save you a lot of time and hassle. Looking at seasonal patterns or awareness days that could relate to your business can help with ideas generation.

We know that new things will come up over time which is fine, these new topics can be included in addition to what is already planned or ideas in your existing plan can be changed and replaced along the way. Either way, by creating this plan you won’t be left scratching your head or finding yourself struggling for content with a deadline fast approaching.

· Review tactics

What is the point in marketing if you don’t know what it is doing for your business? You need to know if your time and/or money is generating a return on investment. Many platforms have analytical features enabling you to look into what has worked and what hasn’t worked quite so well. By reviewing your performance you will gain a better understanding of your audience and what is the most successful, enabling you to fine tune your marketing for future efforts.

If you started 2018 with no firm plan or strategy in place and are still looking for some direction with your marketing, it’s never too late. Call us on 01440 710 158 and found out how we can help.

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