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Heralded as the devil incarnate by some and the silver bullet to marketing success by others, business attitudes towards social media are as diverse as the platforms it resides upon.

Two things are however certain - it is where the people are and it can be a time demon if not handled properly.

The figures are truly astounding. Take a look at the active global users per month and just to put it into context the world population currently stands at 7.7 billion!

Facebook – 2.2 billion

YouTube - 1.9 billion

WhatsApp 1.5 billion

Facebook Messenger 1.3 billion

Instagram – 1 billion

Twitter – 336 million

Pinterest –  200 million

(Source: Statista, July 2017)

Don’t get sucked in

The easiest way to avoid wasting time on your social media marketing is to set clearly defined goals and objectives for what you want to achieve. Having a presence simply because everyone else does is not enough.

Consider what you want to use the platform for – is it engagement or education of your customers or something else? Understand exactly who your ideal customers are and where they hang out.

Your aim is to build a tribe, a community of followers who want to engage with you. People who find value in what you have to say. Remember social media should not be treated as a platform where you can simply “flog” your wares “on the cheap”!

Not so easy-peasy…

Without a doubt social media is a fast moving area. It seems as though there is always something new – even with the most established of platforms. It can be daunting for a business owner to get to grips with the demands of social media, to make the time commitment to engage on a regular basis or to take a leap of faith and recruit a member of staff to take responsibility for the social media strategy and management.

Social media lends itself to being outsourced to an experienced marketing professional. An expert who will work with you to formulate a strategy, create content, manage your online community and measure and refine the results.

How can we help with your social media?

  • Provide advice on how to use social media effectively
  • Create a social media communications strategy designed to meet your objectives
  • Generate a social media content plan
  • Manage your social media accounts if you are lacking in time/resources to manage inhouse.

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